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Navarcable puts emphasis on sustainability in all areas of its activity


We work towards progressively implementing the criteria of social responsibility in our strategy, our planning and our management. In doing so we aim to be part of a global movement in which thousands of private and public organizations and millions of people are actively participating to advance on the road of sustainability together.

This road will be long and complex and it requires new ways of doing things, the adoption of clear ethical principles and a responsible behavior - as well as a better interaction between the company and the community it operates within.

We understand that the social responsibility of a company is to consider criteria of sustainability in its three dimensions (economic, environmental, and social) and, to achieve our goals, we have initiated a long-term process that will take us progressively towards there.

As part of this process we have been able to identify some of the good practices already in place, in particular the certification of a quality and environment management in line with the norms ISO 9.001 and 14.001, and the commitment to work safety.


In addition, we have also identified also some areas and work environments in which we are determined to improve. These are:

- Better the transparency to the stakeholders
- Integration of RSE politics in the human resources management
- Promotion of employee participation
- Dedication of the employees to excellence and continuous self-improvement through periodic training in quality, environment and safety
- Reduction in packaging and the generation of waste
- Establishment of a Mobility Plan

We assume our dedicated commitment to this process and we are willing to periodically report to employees, clients, suppliers and other groups and collectives interested in our activities and the resulting economic, environmental, and social impact. Furthermore, we will welcome every suggestion, proposal and idea that can help to reach the goal we set.


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