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Navarcable designs and manufactures wiring harnesses for application in diverse industrial sectors



We manufacture and sell wiring harnesses for application in diverse industrial sectors. Our products are 100% tested to guarantee the highest quality.

We also offer our clients a complete range of services that include design consulting.

For our production, we use technology of the latest generation and employ highly qualified staff.


Added value:
flexible to your needs

The differentiation of Navarcable is marked by the flexibility to adapt to the needs of its customers, since it can perform all types of wiring.

Navarcable offers solutions to the requirements of each sector, in order to provide the right product for each client and, of course, with optimum levels of quality and market competitiveness.

In addition to being national leaders, the company has worked internationally and exports to Germany, China and England.


We develops products for the following sectors:

- Renewable energies:
  wind and photovoltaic┬┤s
- Railroad
- Automotive
- Recreational machinery
- Vending
- Defense
- Industrial machinery
- Construction
- Electronics
- Telecommunication

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